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  Jesus' Stenographers

  Format: Paperback

  Language: English

  ISBN 9789081716710

  Pages: 392

  Including Bibliography

  Indexes: Names, Subjects, Scripture References


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About the book

For the first time in history a complete documentation theory for the gospels is presented. Jesus was followed by writers to preserve his teachings. They made reports shortly after each important occurrence, that became the elements for the composition of the gospels.

This reader and reference work is relevant for everyone who wants to get insight into the authenticity of Jesus’ words: interested laymen, theologians, teachers or parents. The documentation theory makes it possible to answer any critical question about the gospels in a positive and biblical way.

No question too big! No detail too small!

About the author

B.J.E. Van Noort is a graduate (M.A.Theol.) from Utrecht University, The Netherlands. He is author and co-author of many schoolbooks for Christian education in The Netherlands. He has written many articles concerning biblical issues.